Cabernet qianqianjie obscure TM domain name trademark is undetermined

"heart like double screen, there are thousands of nodes, use this word to describe the day before the" Cabernet "trademark battle is very appropriate. However, in all walks of life have been paying close attention to the protection of trademark case how will end when the reporter survey found that the "Cabernet.TM" domain name trademark has suffered the embarrassment of idle.

recently, "Cabernet" trademark was convicted in Changyu after all, first is the the Great Wall, Dynasty, Weilong issued a joint statement, then the three companies jointly harvest, Jilin Tonghua a total of 12 Wine enterprises signed the "China Wine industry 7? 16 declaration", said to recapture the "Cabernet" for public resources.

at the same time, the reporter in the era of network through the whois query results show that ".TM Cabernet" trademark can be registered the domain name status. It is reported that TM (TradeMark, domain name trademark) represents the trademark domain name, it is not only the enterprise network brand, is the enterprise passes in the electronic commerce market, represents a good business reputation and excellent product quality. By its brand effect, to bring business value and business interests are immeasurable.

insiders told reporters, "Cabernet.TM" is not like other TM domains were widely used enterprise trademark, because of "Cabernet" trademark is undetermined, many enterprises hope to move slow; two is because the.TM disposable registered ten years moving million yuan registration fee, deter many small domain investors. But he also said that this is also reflected from one side of the wine companies do not pay attention to the network marketing, do not pay attention to the protection of the status quo trademark brand. The dominant in the young consumer groups on the Internet, up to 1 billion yuan market Cabernet red wine should have a broader space for development.

as of press time, "Cabernet.TM" domain name is not registered.

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