Learn two strokes to make your site shake Qian Shu

do not know if your site is to make money for you? Your site has not added to your life extra income?.

is now more and more friends in the website, but do not have the station no traffic, no money and no flow. Combined with my own experience to do stand on the introduction of two strokes to everyone.

do stand early, first of all to learn the collection of information, to make your site become different. Now many do stand, is to go to some of the more famous site to collect information, in fact, this is not necessary, because the above things have long been seen, a little bit of income can also be inverted. If it is new, I suggest to some of the less well-known station, there might be some original things, but because the station is small, not too many people that read, so you collect this information on your website may be more favorable.

then is to learn SEO optimization. This is a lot of webmaster will adopt the way, but there are a lot of new AdSense for this is not very understanding. Do not know if you do a good job of their own site optimization. In fact, very simple, if you want a keyword in the search engine revenue, you can let the word in your site many times.

site built, optimization is done, the site traffic or not, how to do?

below to learn to hype their own. Some people will doubt, how to make a website to hype hype?


in fact, the site is like a star, what is it?. Star high visibility, the natural will become popular, and the site, visibility improved, click rate will follow up ah. The same is true.

these are ways to increase the site traffic, but the most critical issue I have not mentioned, is to make money.

how do you make your site a rocking Qian Shu?. A website in order to survive for a long time, is absolutely inseparable from the advertising.

I just started on the site, advertising is also very confused, do not know exactly how to put ads, how to put. But now, for a long time, I also found some of the small rules.

just built the site, you can choose some of their own sites and similar products to sell, like women’s network, you can choose clothing, beauty products, etc., but to do such advertising, there will be some limitations. Can not bring their own website a high income.

and then choose some advertising alliance. Now on the network advertising alliance more difficult to count, type is also a lot of, also let a lot of webmaster friends choose headache.

like Google, Baidu, Ali Mama, ally and so on. Google Advertising, with its popularity, the application of more and more webmaster, it also raised their threshold, now apply for a goog>

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