Rural electricity supplier hot cold thinking do not think here is blue ocean everywhere

in the "Internet plus" background, traditional agriculture is being redefined. Under the policy of boosting, eyeing this blue ocean of industrial and commercial capital have to go to the countryside, especially with Lenovo, Hengda and other large enterprises across the border, agriculture has become a hot investment areas.

for the capital to the countryside, an acre of farmland group vice president and President of the Institute Gao Haiyan in the first financial daily interview, said that this is a good thing. Not only can bring money to the countryside, but also to bring the industrialization of thinking, knowledge, experience and resources, which is precisely the lack of agriculture in china.

this year the central document proposed to support business, logistics, finance and other enterprises to participate in the construction of agricultural e-commerce platform, e-commerce in rural comprehensive demonstration. NPC and CPPCC, Premier Li Keqiang said to the flow station in "Internet plus" on the air. May, the State Council issued an opinion to actively develop rural e-commerce, and put forward specific initiatives.

day before, according to the "Shanghai Securities News" reported on May 21st, led by the Ministry of Commerce, development and Reform Commission, Ministry of finance, Ministry of agriculture and other more than and 20 ministries involved in the "guidance" on accelerating the development of rural e-commerce draft has been completed, is currently in the final stage of ministries sign, documents will be introduced to the State Office issued a document in the form.

this is the first comprehensive deployment of rural e-commerce development work documents. The service will be the focus of future agricultural policy of the rural electricity supplier. The national level "Internet plus" strategy has emerged.

agricultural electricity supplier blue ocean

modern society, online shopping has become a consumer habit. Electricity supplier is essentially a means.

Gao Haiyan said that this is the Internet technology consumption patterns and market trading process transformation, and the transformation process is irreversible, will become the norm in every field. There is a place to trade electricity supplier, which is the future of the electricity supplier.

there is no doubt that the electricity supplier involved in rural areas, industrial products to the countryside, agricultural products into the city, played a role in improving the living standards of farmers, increasing the income of farmers. Gao Haiyan said that the effect of the intermediate to promote fair trade in the field of agricultural products, so that the traditional circulation of the market in the middle of the loss of fat, evolved into the middle, the two benefits".

due to the huge population base, with the popularity of the Internet, improve the logistics infrastructure, rural areas will soon become a huge potential market and the market of agricultural and sideline products market.

, according to the report released by the Institute of rural electricity supplier consumption in rural areas, the proportion of rural online shopping in is still low, accounting for 8.6% in 2013, but the growth trend. It is expected that in 2014 the rural online shopping market will reach more than 180 billion in 2016 will exceed 460 billion.

in addition, the first half of 2014, the Ministry of Commerce released data, the total turnover of agricultural products in China is about 4 trillion yuan, but through

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