Analysis 2013 sampajanna 9 dry cargo academy dissemination nnovation Summit

2013, everyone is from the media; the 2013 communication industry changes in turn the world upside down; 2013, the new old alternate waves die on the beach. Yesterday, CO sponsored the establishment by the 27 communication and business veteran public welfare organization – sampajanna College held its first communication Innovation Summit, in order to better distinguish after the summit, we tentatively called the "2013 sampajanna academy dissemination innovation summit".

in Beijing various industry conferences each year more than 500 thousand games, only the Internet or media activities in the field of a conservative estimate of more than 10 thousand games, but the 2013 sampajanna academy dissemination Innovation Summit "is numerous conference activities this year I participated in most of the dry cargo once, not one.

let me put some urine in the dry cargo in December 19th to share not to participate in the activities of the friends, of course, because the mobile phone is not typing, certainly will miss a lot of other friends, to participate in the activities of the day to supplement.

Wu Ying: what exactly is spam messages


beard Wu Ying is the first of the 19 activities of a guest, he first broke the news of several of the son of the insider attracted the attention of the audience. Then Wu throws a seemingly view "for treason and heresy spam vindicated, Wu Ying believes that now the industry of" spam "there is too much misunderstanding, if one wants to see whether home buyers who buy real SMS will think is advertising? So not spam advertising messages, but you and you need it irrelevant messages, if you do not demand, weather or mobile phone newspaper are spam chicken soup.

light media Wang Changtian: Thailand embarrassed just a product, do not have a persistent

"movie is not to make money for intelligence insulted Wang Changtian at the summit," "triggered bursts of applause. In many people, including me, that is, the achievements of the light media and Thai embarrassed Wang Changtian, but the fact is probably: even if there is no Thai embarrassed, light media rely on professional film production ability can do it, "the 2013 popular youth" and "Chinese partner" is the light of the media works. Wang Changtian believes the Thai embarrassed is just one phase of the product, just a product, this product does not have continuity. PS: bald Wang Kai signed off from the media after the departure of the light media


micro passport Li Yan: even if you open the traditional media WeChat and micro-blog, you are not from the media

in the end what is from the media, the problem plagued a lot of people from the media, ten thousand people have ten thousand explanations. Some traditional media opened a micro-blog or micro signal, it can be called from the media. But Li Yan believes that even the traditional micro media opened a new media platform, such as micro-blog and WeChat, you are not from the media, from the media and communication platform is not a big deal, but in the form of communication.

bald Wang Kai: since the media content production and operation process

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