Easy fast network you lose on the upgraded version of Jingdong mall

2013 3· 15

in the electricity supplier first;

has just announced that it will adjust the organizational structure of the fast and easy network yesterday once again released a strong market offensive signal to the outside world. In March 13th, Yi Xun network CEO Bu Guangqi at micro-blog said, easy fast network will be in 3· 15; the introduction of price compensation "price protection" service: from the 3· this year; 15, as long as the designated goods consumers in the network fast and easy to buy the price cut in less than 24 hours, fast and easy network will take the difference of active compensation to the consumer’s account.

fast and easy net senior operations director Pan Biao told reporters, because the service has just launched, need a period of time related products and operation test, so in the day of the launch of the 3· 15 price guarantee range, fast and easy to appropriate restrictions, including some special offer, buy goods and prices in the range below 5% the first batch of goods will not participate in price guarantee. However, the next will be limited to the purchase of a limited amount of insurance coverage, in the long run, we will continue to expand the initiative to take the direction of price compensation." Pan Biao stressed.

it is reported that this is the first time China’s electricity supplier will be active compensation included in the scope of service. After the development of electronic commerce, although some enterprises have also launched a price protection policies, but basically belongs to the category of passive compensation, which is only found in the user commodity prices to come after the enterprise will pay out.

it is worth noting that, as early as last November, Yi Xun has for its main rival Jingdong mall launched the "lose your service commitment as long as consumers in the fast and easy purchase of goods than the Jingdong mall with the money commodity price is expensive, it will return to the consumer price. At that time, for you will lose the service, the Jingdong has Xiangyi mall fast network issued a warning letter, accused of unfair competition of easy fast, easy fast network responded that the service is to make prices more transparent, commercial competition in the sun, in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and the interests of consumers. The reporter also observed that, due to the competition between the two sites who lower prices, the day of a certain electronic products in two hours, several times the price, the purchase of this product consumers really get benefits.

yesterday, Bu Guangqi in an "International Finance News" interview with reporters did not evade the background, he told reporters that the Yi Xun has launched a price protection service, can be seen as an upgraded version of the service you will lose. "The price will be expensive and you will compensate for the use of overlapping services. Like when the payment conditions, the maximum payment will be the difference between the corresponding points."

move so many people in the industry questioned, easy to quickly set off a new round of price war in disguise, for this argument, Bu Guangqi does not seem to exclude. He said that oil prices once again become a hot spot in the national NPC and CPPCC, that lack of competition in the market price regulation system is not reliable, "so, the price war is not a shameful thing, only in an environment of fair competition can afford to fight a price war, but behind the price competition, the key is on fire

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