Willfulness is six levels of a live 2014 nouveau riche marketing

introduction: two Oriole Ming Cui Liu, nouveau riche we make friends. In the words of our "things grow on the budget" marketing circles, the party is always the most popular nouveau riche, promotion and "nouveau riche" related can also easily cause concern. But the same is the "nouveau riche marketing", the gold content is not the same, the six level today to talk about it.

1, into the magic: silly, money, Party B’s buddies come to save the


if the "nouveau riche marketing" is a magic, so in this layer of the brand is deranged: they were all wealthy, promotion also spend money like water, but the problem is that they play the wrong way. Just like in the novel "common rich soil, no culture, really terrible. So wait for them is doomed to a tragic ending, so much money, all for naught.

In this

, who is not Hengda ice fountain prodigal. This product advertising theme in the short life it just over a year even experienced ten times from the face: "every day drinking, health and longevity" to "health and beauty" to "Changbai Mountain natural mineral water", "we are not handling the surface water" and "cooking tea", "I only love you" also some "water for the world" and "export 28 country" and "Mom and Dad, I want to drink".

spokesman for thrice as. From the coach to Lippi, "big brother" Jackie Chan, "strong woman" Fan Bingbing, and Kim Su Hyon, Gianna Jun, stars chelunzhan as to upwelling.


what orientation, focus, sustainability…… All of the laws of communication Hengda ice fountain, it is not a thing". By virtue of this "money like dirt" style, Hengda ice fountain into a flower Chinese enough to stand in the history of marketing.

2, the first into the rivers and lakes: the soil is not soil, Hao is really TM 24K gold ah ah

is certainly the most wonderful case, can be hold in nouveau riche rational normal line. Some of them are simple, upright, simple thinking. The TA who, "nouveau riche marketing logic is very simple, that is, a good resource, buy buy buy! Where is where to buy, not bad money,


is the most outstanding Yili, its brilliant record had resounded ears on both sides of the Changjiang River, buddies must listen to a cocoon of the title: 250 million "The Brain 2", 216 million "title run brother 2", 500 million "title 3" Dad where to go, this year, TV advertising giant.


under the overlord stalwart figure, but also the emergence of a number of "cassidy". For example, 200 million contracted waistline 5 years of Han, 10 million 700 thousand win "The Voice of China" final 1 minutes, mango will tender Zhi Mei "I am a singer" 15 seconds ads from 499>

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