A network marketing decoration industry are exaggerated speech scene

: the author is a prelude to # super orator # fans, which is today thanks "attend" Friday on a "program", following the opening, gorgeous stage, bow: "four tutors, and keep the scene in front of the computer screen diving webmaster."

– Tutor

t.jiajia: come on, introduce myself to all of you guys, do what


Author: Hello everyone, my name is zing_s, is to do network marketing, usually do some bitter B SEO work, 24 years old this year.

Yong brother: ah ah ah, can I ask you holding a mobile phone what is

?The author

: well it is! This is a new version of millet mobile phone, had a big effort to grab, I want to play with this speech today.

Jiajia: Well, we are looking forward to, following the start of your speech


– start

theme: I can learn from the experience of millet network marketing experience

as everyone knows, in the process of the development of mobile phone market in the last three years is called "Apple millet Chinese" hunger marketing means millet success in the great effect of millet generation, the millet products it is not to say, it is test accurate, people follow this with Lei Jun Tucao Apple mobile phone marketing for the first time, although somewhat contrived in behavior, but millet want to achieve the effect that they did, in September 5, 2011, millet mobile phone officially open network reservation, from 5, 13 to 6 23:40 within two days of booking over 300 thousand units, millet website immediately announced to stop booking and shut down purchase channel. This is a staggering figure, millet that is just a copycat mobile phone concept of molecule I in the first time, and not too much to pay attention to these figures, but particularly optimistic about behind the marketing culture with wolf consumers, the demand of hunger.

in 2011, I still use NOKIA Symbian, millet name is deeply engraved in my heart, but not from their own side, before the first generation of products released millet Lei Jun done marketing, a series of speculation, the relationship between reinforcement and media, net in the use of their own strong marketing team experience. In the past three years, millet launched a series of products with market competition: M 1, youth version, rice, rice, rice 2S, red rice, rice, 3. There is high cheap cost-effective brand, ICON MIUI system optimization design, and pay more attention to the user experience requirements.

red rice is relatively a shift from the red rice mobile phone positioning, positioning the public users a complete departure from the high-end market positioning of millet, red rice mobile phone released a low millet brand height. Reminiscent of the phrase "two years ago, Lei Jun committed to intelligent high-end brands.

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