Who should be responsible for the status quo of China’s DC

The number of

users in Chinese increased dramatically, Chinese IDC market share continues to rise, however, IDC is taking Chinese struggling for survival. IDC is a sunset industry, IDC of the "winter", the network is full of IDC’s space manmasheng, however, IDC market today’s situation in the melee, who should be responsible for this


a, Internet users?

is an enterprise survival and development, product to occupy the market, the customer and the market plays a decisive role, the focus of market competition is to win customers, and customers are most concerned about the sensitive point of purchase motivation is the quality problem.

similarly, the emergence of a large number of IDC space operators, and users continue to increase, expanding market share is, however, the current China users has flawed inevitable — personnel quality is low, understanding of the network are mostly in the perceptual stage, development, can be a good look at the Internet with a rational attitude so it is very easy to appear this situation, when someone shouted, build a type of site a month over a million in revenue for the time, there are so many people follow suit, hate yourself is the lucky one, imitation, imitation, and failure psychological uneven, fail again, for many reasons, the IDC line is not stable, poor security, often downtime, poor service, a lot of problems, but never look after yourself Practice.

we have to say, the customer needs to stimulate consumption, increase of Internet users encouraged a large number of IDC space operators emerge, but it is this part of the user not to face up to their own needs, to a certain extent, made the melee situation, because a large portion of them consider is the price factor. Rather than the quality of the products.

two, IDC space quotient?

under the profit driven, many IDC space business is considered short-term profits, rather than long-term development, however, the proportion of these is an evil member of the herd is not in the minority, for example, some companies using low-cost way to attract users, and then use the bad service away customers, obtain an annual service fee, but it does not provide a year of service; they do not have the server performance machine service: such as the use of low-end PC machine motherboard, memory and hard disk including inferior chassis, power supply and so on, in order to reduce cost.

is the price of the users are most concerned about, in order to occupy the market share, the price war can hardly be avoided, don’t just consider the short-term quick profit and long-term development of the whole industry, how to reduce costs become the object of their primary consideration; for the sake of long-term development, only to burn a lot, he tries to pull out all the price of service well, however this kind also is the most dangerous, a little careless, with too much debt dismal ending, Ming network is a living example; there is a class, because the regulation is not in place by telecom shut down, such as purple field network. Price and service

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