Research on the Countermeasures of evading the supervision of the website immigrants

in December 15th, the Ministry of industry and information issued further regulation scheme of mobile phone pornography special action work, clear requirements on the domain name management scheme, in addition to applying the blacklist system, must complete the real registration information, there is a new concern — to the website did not record the domain name not be resolved (including jump).

in campaigns, overseas domain name registration surge, part of personal webmaster "record method is proposed to resolve the domain name registration is to go abroad, but the industry users interpreted to the Ministry of the new deal is — foreign websites generally do not come to China" for the record, the record does not resolve "will likely lead to Chinese users cannot access no record of these foreign websites.

the Ministry has yet to "record does not resolve whether it covers foreign websites to explain, but many officials have said on various occasions, the country has paid attention to the overseas registered supervision evasion phenomenon, is studying the feasible countermeasures.

a large number of sites immigrants outside

with continuous pressure regulation mobile phone pornographic special action, the country gradually "closed room" inventory and other ancillary operations, plus the CNNIC stop personal website registration C N domain name, website to make a large number of foreign and overseas registered the domain name server hire. This is not only in the action of the sacked site, there have been no record or has not been able to get the record of personal website. For a time, the foreign server and domain name registration transaction was awfully hot.

Daily News quoted the 18 survey data reported in Internet Research Institute said that this month 7 days to 14 days a week, ".C O M" which is a domain name registered in overseas China suddenly jumped 180 thousand, an increase of 1300%.

It is understood that the current

"register a domain name outside the procedure is simple, do not need to fill out the real information of the domain owner, only need to leave e-mail can be completed, also can directly through the Alipay network payment. There are many affected by the examination room of small owners can not bear the long gap period have passed such a message, ready to organize the group purchase website, "immigrants"".

intends to hit the site migration

it is clear that domestic regulators are also expected to note this point.

mobile phone to crack down on pornographic special action meeting held in December 16th of the domain name registration management and implementation, deputy director of the Ministry of Telecommunications Authority Liu Jie had specifically mentioned the use of foreign domain to evade regulatory issues.

he said, "some website operators to carry out illegal pornographic reckless with greed, information dissemination activities, and take the domain name, domain name transform jump, use of foreign domain name registration all kinds of convenience, concealment and other means, trying to evade the supervision of government departments…… We must resolutely curb and eliminate pornographic websites using the domain name conversion mode repeated access, strong governance website transform domain >

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