Daily topic Baidu to join the nternet insurance BAT fire to the insurance field

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network December 1st news, Baidu in November 26th, Allianz, Hillhouse capital announced in Shanghai at the same time, the three parties will jointly initiated the establishment of a company called "100 insurance" in the new Internet insurance company.

It is reported that

, Baidu, Allianz, Hillhouse capital jointly initiated the establishment of the Internet insurance company, after obtaining the license, the joint venture will be in the online sales of insurance, at the same time for personal customers and small and medium sized businesses, and the three party will be the "Internet plus insurance companies provide resources.

According to the idea of Baidu’s

, Baidu has a huge Internet data, Allianz has insurance product innovation experience, rich   Hillhouse capital invested many successful Internet Co, the combination of the three can play a synergistic effect, initiated the establishment of a product design ability, innovative spirit, rich Internet insurance companies occupy the scene.

Robin Li said, "Internet plus insurance" is the one everyone was yearning, want to see new things out of the field. For Baidu, in fact, after a period of Baidu thinking and exploration.

According to

, the three major shareholders in the new division of labor clear. With more than 600 million users, Baidu will provide a new business portal, which is the Internet sales channels. At the same time, Baidu will use its massive Internet data, cloud computing capabilities, such as data mining and intelligent processing, insurance products and business model innovation.

In recent years

BAT giants in a variety of ways to cut the Internet in the financial sector and running quickly. In 2013, Tencent, Ali, Ping An joint venture established in November this year, Zhong An insurance, Taikang online property insurance Limited by Share Ltd listed on the opening. In addition, Ali, Tencent, Jingdong are also in their way into the financial sector. Some analysts said that these initiatives show that Baidu is actively working to increase its strength in the field of financial services for Alibaba and Tencent Inc.

industry believes that Baidu has more than 600 million mobile App users and 14 users billions of dollars, the service trading platform covering consumer scene tourism, catering, travel, medical care, education and other rich, also gave birth to a large number of small, high frequency, the fragmentation of insurance demand. At the same time, Baidu has a huge Internet data, and powerful cloud computing based on artificial intelligence and ability, leading big data technology to implement data mining and intelligent processing, "one of the core elements of a successful Internet insurance is to occupy the scene: Baidu is different from the other game player, the first to build a good scene, rich in resources under the premise of the scene then, for the layout of the Internet insurance field, so that a more robust and targeted."

for BAT three Internet giants actively participate in the phenomenon of Internet insurance, industry experts believe that these companies have a natural advantage of the Internet, and has accumulated a large amount of data, through the big data

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