Network marketing planning 4 successful cases of content planning

for the implementation of the content of the company’s marketing, it is necessary to regularly produce enough, accurate, and can cause interactive content, is a big challenge. According to CMI and MarketingProfs 2013 B2B content marketing research report, there are 64% of the content marketing industry that is sufficient to make the content of the most headaches.

this is why many marketers began to use Curation (Content) technology to solve this problem. Marketers can therefore not produce their own original content.

Definition of

content planning

marketing guru Beth Kanter definition of content curation of the most simple and direct, she said: "content curation is a screening content on the network, and then to the rich meaning, mode of organization, process for a particular theme show."

and CEO Pawan Deshpande, a content developer application, describes Curata as a way to find, organize, and share the best and most accurate content for a particular topic".

How does

do content planning?

over the past few years, discussions about content curation and its application. However, there are still many people who can’t grasp the essentials of how to use this technology correctly.

Pawan Deshpande was four successful content curation case in this article, you can get inspiration through these brand practices, and how to make more effective use of content curation for your brand exhibition to learn from.

1 FedEx – increased reliability


tip: the show can increase the credibility of your ideas by presenting a neutral third party opinion. Using the program, you do not reprint the content of others, but provide additional sources of information and comments, to show that the other content publishers and your views.

FedEx FedEx established a website called Brown Bailout a few years ago to promote the re authorization of the Federal Aviation Administration assistance fund act. During the recession, FedEx’s rival, UPS, is lobbying for the bill.

FedEx and not through their own original content to support its objections to the fund, but systematically from prestigious media, such as Washington Post and the state observer, and the curator view news content, so as to increase the reliability of the view. In addition to the original content, FedEx’s website also provides information on the issue of the issue of the industry to provide additional justifications and views. This strategy not only adds to the political position

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