How to promote the school website and training institutions website

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school website and training institutions website how to promote?

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respect Changsha prize.the Feixun authorization center leaders:

today to write this letter for no other purpose, just to fulfill a wish of my own unfinished, below I will for your center to discuss, the school website and how to promote the training institutions website.

Schools and training institutions Changsha

increasing, using the site to attract students has become a source of these institutions are the indispensable way to a field from the outdoor media network advertising war has intensified,

large training institutions (such as Changsha prize.the) rely on huge capital advantage and strength, large areas of network advertising, Baidu, Google, and other types of talent network portal information station. Numbness of the competition, not only did not bring significant results, but the annual increase in the cost of network promotion.

schools and training institutions in the end should not do network promotion? How to promote


answer only one, should!

network promotion with respect to outdoor media advertising, has the absolute advantage of price, a TV advertising, may be a month on a million, while the network promotion, may not spend so much money a year. Two ways to promote the effect of the acquisition is one: to enhance the visibility of the organization, so that more students go to school training institutions.

How to build

training institutions website?

1, website aesthetics

site as the image of the enterprise, is to think that when you see a dumpster, even if the other is a global 500 companies, but also have to let you have a doubt. Especially for those visitors for the first time, the website is the enterprise first impression in the eyes of customers, a beautiful and warm stand, often can get customers of the pro Lai, suggested that schools and training institutions website selection of light tone in the main hue.

2, professional website

education is a specific industry, and the word "professional" is the most important thing in this industry, professional teachers, professional courses, professional spirit, etc.. Extension to the site is also the case, to the people and things, so in the school website construction and information to add, we must firmly grasp this point. The school website construction to have three: organized, concise and professional.

3, the site’s comprehensive

schools and training institutions website visitors, it can be said that more than 90% of the students are interested in training programs. A full range of services that allow these visitors to get a good

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