New personal website promotion plan all this

my website is the student community, my promotion plan is:

plan a, play a recruitment inspiration, Title: recruit a list, the content is as follows: Student Community Network (to add url! Here omitted) is under construction, for the majority of the elite, the formation of a joint venture team! At the same time, welcome to join the entrepreneurial community! Site recruitment: Website Construction Department… Website management department… Website operation Department… Join the entrepreneurial team what you can get, for example, get exercise, get experience, get the practice, the list of members on the website announcement shows. Print a copy of the copy of the N, posted in all the city’s University bulletin board. The purpose is not to recruit, mainly publicity, expand the influence, at least to the people who have left an impression.

two, also played a revelation, Title: website LOGO collect content is the student community website for the majority of students for LOGO website design, website design requirements must include the student community "and" "web site, please click the website directly to the online submission issued design works, all the works displayed on the site map area by online voting, if the station works are adopted, the author will get the cash reward XXX yuan, and the station will be a prominent position on the website name" the LOGO by certain design". Welcome all friends to participate actively! So…


three, with a certain test network cooperation…… University XX cup essay…… application form to the website…… contribute to the site… Must be generous bonuses..! Where’s the bonus? Registration fee!

program four, Internet cafes to promote a lot of Internet cafes near the University, for all Internet cafes to allow students to set up a shortcut on the desktop or directly set up a IE home page. As an exchange, on the site for each Internet cafe to do advertising.

four small programs, a person to do a little bit difficult, it is best to find a few like-minded friends engage in a! I personally do not think there is no possibility of success, you do not go to see.

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