Push one the bottleneck of the development of the forum case analysis

recently a push forum "diagnosis" plate is unusually active, as the board moderators is very pleased, but at the same time, to ask more, heavy workload, I feel a bit tired. But in the end can be a friend to be sure that the friends have been satisfied with the answer, which is also worth the. Well now, diagnosis of a forum station yesterday, feeling more representative, to bask in, we can learn how to do, look at the forum.

Questioner: Amoy Andy

was how to improve the overall quality and network influence

Title: I love how to improve the overall quality of graphics and network influence.

web site address (or specific project name):www.52zt.cn (mapping site)

site type: design

site positioning: Amateur mapping enthusiasts, so that every person who wants to do their own map can be used as soon as possible.

features: create a class teaching mode.

consulting issues:

1: the forum need from the traditional type to the HOME gate to increase the post exposure apartment layout, to tell the truth, many good posts are buried.

2: how to improve the popular forum, now is the basic natural development forum, from the end of 07 to the natural flow, no publicity, in my opinion, all need to deal with the picture of a person is my potential customers, but to tell the truth, how to promote better than I was at a loss.

3: how to improve the quality of the Forum: to expand the depth and lateral derivative to software.

4: how to build a strong management team, the jar from set up to now has been in lack of moderator status.

5: how to get the jar own hematopoietic more, at present the forum as compared to the single income, income is around $1 a day in GG, new VIP is also unsatisfactory.

(actually I also have a lot of ideas, but always feel powerless, good ideas can not carry out the execution, the feeling is not enough, we all look very hard, but the final effect unsatisfactory.


(other description of the specific situation, the more detailed the better): his job after graduating from college in Hangzhou, an e-commerce company, do content audit, every day looking at the splendid goods, contact the community operators is less and less, have entered the jar training courses, hope to be able to make you master, give me some advice thank you,

moderator Wang Yuezhang: first of all, like a ~ LZ forum is good. Single look at the issue of LZ, did not feel how big the forum, but it is really good.

in my opinion, your website the biggest flaw should be interactive, and if members interact together, then pick the right person to do so will your forum moderators, >

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