Summary of commonly used network marketing methods


network marketing is an essential means for the survival and development of any company and website, where I use a better, more extensive method to do a simple summary.

soft marketing

relatively speaking, soft marketing can be described as the most economical way of network marketing. The length of the soft text in general between 500 words to 1000 words. Soft Wen by the mainstream media website reprint, you can get a lot of browsing and exposure. From the SEO point of view, but also can get a lot of the chain. As a webmaster or person in charge of the company, or just the writer, also can let more readers read more articles to your future.

of course, the premise is your soft Wen can submit and publish to these websites. In Chinese Internet, soft release platform released their official channel innumerable, but is not usually open to the grassroots. So, the greater the difficulty of soft Wen marketing is not how to write soft, but how to release the soft.

video marketing

video marketing has now become a very important means of network marketing, because many people prefer to watch the video and do not want to read articles. However, many companies and websites are more inclined to soft marketing, mainly do not feel easy to do video. However, no matter what your operating system, you can find a lot of video recording software. For example, the Microsoft Windows system comes with MovieMaker, support Windows video recording system Camtasia software, can help you record and produce very fine video. Not only have transitions, and the picture and sound. The next thing to do is to upload the video to the video site, Youku, potatoes, cool 6, etc.. Relatively soft release, there is no difficulty. But one thing you need to remember is that in the title and description section of the video, don’t forget your keywords, which are favorable for SEO.

alliance marketing

said Amazon website alliance, Google Google Adsense, the marketing plan of Taobao Taobao, basically is every webmaster and Internet marketing for having heard it many times Chinese people. Because many of China’s Web site owners are members of these sites. From the point of view of members, affiliate marketing is a very good way to make money on the Internet or even the internet.

webmaster only need to become a member of the alliance after a simple registration step, you can choose the product, the use of suppliers to provide links to start promotional products. This link contains the ID address for tracking sales of members. Usually, you are concerned about the amount of Commission on the sale of the product and the settlement time.

social media marketing

mentions social media, foreign Facebook, Twitter, Digg, as well as shortly before

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