The most brand should be how to communicate with consumers

in a certain industry, category, product areas to become the most +, is the ultimate goal of brand pursuit. Do the "most" brand, may not be so difficult, all the secrets in your consciousness and action.

to do the brand, want to become the people’s minds in the "first" or "only". In the dissemination of foreign countries, whether it is said that the product attributes, or brand concept; whether it is talking about emotion, or culture, in essence, want to say is that I am the best, I am the most special, I know you.

summed up in one sentence: I best for you!

brand marketing theory, competition theory, are also talking about how to better achieve the difference, the difference is only the difference is in fact, or psychological.

but no matter how you spread the brand, can be associated with some kind of "most", the effect is certainly better.

of course, the embodiment of the brand and marketing of the "most", do not have to directly to the word "most" direct expression (directly with the "most" in violation of advertising law). So, read this article carefully, you may find your own "most brand" way.

how to become the people’s hearts the most + brand


STEP1: establish the most + brand appeal

any brand, there will be some appeal. But the same category of many brands, are the core concept of a point from the same or different angles of expression, except you expressed in different ways, the most important is to find ways to become a concept, advocate "the most powerful". This is a win brand awareness, only the pursuit of the most + brand appeal, it is possible to become the final winner. The following ideas, positioning, appeal, if coupled with the most facts or feelings, you will not feel more impulsive behavior?




STEP2: find the "+ +"

with a word or a word, to express a certain brand of ultimate attributes, brand status, the pursuit of the ultimate concept of the brand, the brand’s best market performance.

must be associated with the fact that you are the best, the best, the most popular…… It’s not just that you feel like you have a certain characteristic.

I’ll give you some ideas for the implementation of the "most" advertising language:





STEP3: "the most +> brand

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