Analysis of blog traffic statistics tools

      in the previous article, e-commerce blog a comprehensive analysis of the importance of Web site traffic analysis for the entire site operation. Most of the sites, especially Blog, BBS and small and medium-sized Web sites are not independently developed background traffic analysis system, they are using the flow analysis software provided by third parties.

      at present the domestic mainstream website traffic analysis system has 51la, 51YES, webmaster statistics, 50bang, YAHOO statistics, Google Analysis, etc.. Often in some Blog to see some of the Blogger installed two or three statistical software, see the most 51la and webmaster statistics.

      I have tried these statistics, which is the best, everyone has their own standards, this is not to say.

      YAHOO statistics and Google Analysis was recently recently into our field of vision is a new product, powerful Google Analysis, but obvious to people, the general owners simply do not need so many functions. YAHOO statistical development momentum is relatively good, e-commerce blog has not been officially used.

      as a Blogger, I pay more attention to a traffic analysis software can have the following features, and can better integration.

a, accurate real-time

      flow analysis, the first is the need for its accuracy. Can not be a true reflection of the flow of software is not favored by users. The general flow of Blog is relatively small, so for each user will carry out some simple tracking, which requires traffic analysis system can do a good real-time. For example, how many people are online at the same time, where they come from, what pages are in traffic, and how long they pause……. Based on these, the content of their own Blog corresponding adjustments, so that their blog content is more popular with users, allowing users to generate more desire to browse. Google Analysis, for example, Google Analysis does not have the most basic functional requirements.

two, friendly interface

      as an interest in SEOer, I have always believed that the website content is king". But I come into contact with an earlier idea is the visual effect of the site. This does not mean that the web page must be very beautiful, but the site should be in the perspective of the user experience to provide users with useful content. 51Yes has also been used before, but the ugly interface for me is not attractive, and later are too lazy to log in to see the traffic.


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