Wang Yuezhang Lenovo search promotion profit model feasibility analysis


search engine Lenovo search function should have more than two years of history, is the earliest Google started, this technology has been widely used, but at present only as a function to use, no profit which in this function.

in order to write this article, specifically to search the relevant information, which rarely talk about the profitability of the association article. However, to see the Tencent soso also made some attempts in this area (just personal opinion), we can look at the following picture:


soso in the search box, enter "day" and the associative search in the top three in blue font and a gold star for the difference between the results of other Lenovo, this part of the Tencent as "direct", convenient for the user to search the Tencent a free service, which includes the weather, traffic, TV shows, songs, and so on.

but I want to say is the associative search to create profits, using PPC thinking developed associative search advertising, the advertising can Lenovo search at the end, of course, every word can develop two advertising, after all, this region is also not much, too much will attract users disgusted.

I personally think that this is entirely feasible, and listen to Wang Yuezhang to analyze your ha ~

first, the search results have manual intervention, even with the advertising does not attract too much criticism. We know that the search results in this area are the result of fine selection, which removes the illegal information. In fact, the essence of Lenovo search is recommended to the user’s best hottest people’s information, since it is recommended, it is recommended that one or two related advertising is understandable. Of course, it must be based on the user does not affect the use of recommended and is to be associated with this keyword advertising.

then, last year, due to the illegal information search Lenovo Google, that was shut down for Lenovo search, but not a few months by the re opening of the Google, which is internal to the illegal information is not strictly regulated by. If you can launch a search fee, so buyers from all walks of life will have a keyword, it also gives the opportunity to check these keywords Lenovo search results, if found illegal information, you can immediately report, and immediately delete. In fact, at the same time the profitability of the work efficiency is also rising.

moreover, the strategy to curb the brush Lenovo search industry. We know that since the Lenovo search, some people have begun to use the search engine to make money, some people have special tools or techniques to brush the associative search, for example, I do the network promotion, I through these tools can brush my blog to "first network promotion of" keywords, in order to let everyone can understand more clearly, I PS a picture.

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