Daily increase of 100 sites outside the chain method summary

asked me to have a lot of stationmaster, the old Xie, how to increase the site outside the chain, in fact, to increase the site outside the chain, what is not difficult, but it is a hard thing for.

A: soft writing

soft power, the old Xie will not say what, some have a lot of their own investment the portals, some websites can be included in Baidu news, the 2 forms of communication, but in the soft, put on the website how to properly address the problem, basically approach is to you are the site, parenthesis, explain, in general a soft link, do not have 2, one is enough, if it is not to increase the site outside the chain. It can not add website links, but because you are a plus, it is easy to see others is soft, influence the effect of soft.

two: blog chain


blog can bring hundreds of very good outside chain for the site every day, in fact, the principle is very simple, is to use the form of blog articles, there are so many notes and method in which here today simply introduce.

The first step of

, several blogs, the choice of relatively high weight of news, Sina blog, blog bus, Baidu space.

second steps, the title of the keywords you do, into the title can be.

third step, a very critical step, put your blog address submitted to Baidu, GOOGLE, a lot of people will forget this step, the blog address can also be submitted, so it is easier to be included.

fourth steps to increase the quality of the content of a good point, improve the original degree, the text can be easily linked to.

over 3-6 days, you can be Baidu, and GOGLE included, in general it is, of course, some of the poor quality of the content, it may not be included.

next time, we can get a lot of these blogs, get a lot of the chain, of course, you need to update the blog.

three: portal station message

in fact to some high quality station message is a very good method, but don’t leave a junk message, so the effect is not good, but it is easy to be deleted, you can literally written words, ask a question, then take your web site message, not more, in.

hope that this article, for each pair of friends who want to own the site more than the chain have some help, every day to increase the chain of 100 sites in fact, as long as seriously do, in fact, is not difficult.

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