Bo news soft platform to share soft media selection techniques such as publishing

in the face of such fierce competition in the promotion of the market, a lot of people are through the release of the soft way to conduct network marketing, soft Wen’s release of marketing is the main venue for the competition. As the main way of marketing, marketing what are the advantages? Why so many companies choose the marketing way to promote? How to choose soft release media? What are the network soft offer needs to pay attention to the



users often ask questions, I hereby made a summary, I hope to be able to help users need to know some knowledge about the soft.

marketing, is nothing more than creating an easy for the public to accept the effect of advertising, marketing is different from other forms of marketing, its advantage is that unlike previous hard advertising as straightforward. But indirectly to promote their products, through the way of the article so that the public in the story to see the insertion of the product information to promote, to achieve the purpose of marketing. The beginning of the soft Wen is not mature, because even the best content to be released to reflect the value of the soft text itself, it will have to say in detail the choice of the importance of soft media release. In addition to the soft Wen on his website, a lot of soft play really is from the third party with the support of the media, the Tencent, Sohu like soft Wen ah ah, Sina ah, this kind of high impact news sources, will be harvested several times hits and hits, so better promotion. Of course, not the same as the media, publishing network soft quotation is different, the general good news source at least hundreds of yuan, there are tens of dollars, but is mostly some low weight website, the effect is certainly not comparable.


and another important reason for the news source soft network is different offer cooperation on behalf of the company to the soft, like the same media by Bo Yang Press news platform, may take a relatively less, because it is directly connected to the media editor. There are some soft paper on behalf of the company out of the price is higher, which might be why experienced several intermediary companies, the Commission after the results. Most people will choose to write their own soft Wen or looking to write, but on the portal site must use soft text on behalf of the platform, can save a lot of time, if you want to send their own news media, it is just a waste of time! The success rate is almost zero! Professional editor of the requirements is very soft strictly, so don’t try to edit can get a good release effect. You can use Bo Yang news press press writing platform, integration services, this is I now find the best software


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