Share seven common chain platform and skills

as the site of the chain SEO emperor factor, is very important for the site. The site of the chain is directly related to the search engine on the site of the weight of the site, the location of the site and the ranking of keywords, so it is very important to do the development of the chain of the site. Xiaobian on their own well-known chain to share the platform to share with you.

first: Q & a platform

this is a platform to do a lot of promotion personnel are well known, there are 3 small platforms often do Baidu know, Search ask the question and answer. Baidu know the chain on the weight is high, but the difficulty is big, can be used only a limited number of daily, generally small day delivery is not more than 5; Search ask the chain on to Baidu know very difficult, less weight and Baidu, is also a good question and answer the question and answer is put on the channel; the chain is most likely the best generally every day can be put on the platform, many outside the chain, and there will be many small sites automatically collect Tianya quiz platform information, make your work a multiplier effect.

second: blog posting


blog is also a lot of network promotion personnel in the use of the platform, small series of commonly used blog Baidu space, Sina blog, blog, blog, and NetEase 19 floor blog. Baidu search engine for these big blogs are very friendly, especially the old blog to give greater weight. But Xiaobian found during operation, for a new blog on the chain, Baidu is the best, Xiao Bian tried many times, every time. The new registration of the release of the Baidu space outside the chain, will soon be included, while the number of other blog included is very small, generally need to be carefully maintained for some time will have a certain weight. Which included new registered Sina blog is also very good, but there is a premise that do not take the link, the search engine is really smart, Sina blog editor also tried many times, without the basic link are included, but along the link in Baidu shadow was gone. So the new blog to do the chain, small series or recommend the use of Baidu space is good, but other blog once raised, the weight will be high, but also can not be ignored platform.

third: forum post

forum Xiaobian feel this is not always used to do outside the chain, but there are a lot of SEO personnel on this platform in the chain, hang with signature, posting, replies and other various methods on the chain. The forum is a great forum in the Internet, but the small feel forum used to do brand promotion and publicity of events is a relatively good place, the chain has a little sense of survival and put fine timber to petty use, too low. But can also be used to pay attention to some methods. First: select the high weight of the forum, so the issue of the theme of the post was included in the probability of large, put the chain effect will be good. Second: the forum put the chain to the appropriate section, such as advertising area or outside the chain. Third: you can choose a dedicated webmaster exchange forum, such as A5 webmaster forum, in some sections use related skills to put the chain. Fourth: to put the chain by hanging hair signature theme, but try to reply, reply to.

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