Do stand The integration of resources tight encirclement

      website promotion beyond count, but often some of the traditional method can not achieve the desired effect. Go to the well-known forum, I will give you 2 minutes to delete; not well-known forums, as if without sinking, but nothing worked. Go to Baidu post bar, popular people do not delete you, 2 minutes of your post to the second page to go; popularity is not strong, no one to see. QQ group to go, just to see an ad you are invited out of the group.

      that is, the traditional promotion as if the effect is not ideal, the webmaster friends need to think more. Blind to do a day of physical activity (human flesh post) may not have to think quietly for an hour to get inspired. This is what I say needs to consider how to integrate resources, the so-called resource is multifaceted. For example, I made a classification of information for the county site, http:/ site because it is still in the development process, only the current information release function, so I did not rush to promote. I joined a local maximum of the QQ group, QQ group to the current total of 10 groups, the main active users around 300. I joined the group and the group’s main responsible person to reach a consensus, decided to jointly develop the Qingbaijiang classification information network. So I transferred the right to operate the site to this group, completely by them to operate. So I personally think that is a good development model, effective integration of resources for the development of the site laid the foundation. And with the development of the website can also drive the development of the group, in turn, the resources of the group can be well utilized.

      because this site is a classification of information network for the county, so the online promotion will not be very useful. Because even if the online promotion can bring traffic, but the real local traffic is not a few, so the promotion of the line is very critical. At present we have plans in the Double Ninth Festival with local more QQ group and a number of enterprises, including the government to engage in a large-scale public welfare activities, this is the reasonable use of the resources of the QQ group.

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