Talk about how to use the gift bottle to do holiday marketing

QQ bottles, this QQ mailbox in the game to fire for a short time, the beginning we all feel very fresh, because the bottle has a strong randomness, can freely express their emotions, and stranger interaction, can also dig to see other people’s privacy, which meet the needs of the people. The plot, but this fresh feeling didn’t last long, will soon be micro-blog, WeChat, IPHONE to flood, even bottles and released a bottle of 8 is not the same, but also of no avail. But this does not cover up its own value, in the time of the bottle fire, a lot of SEO are trying to use this method to make money for their own use of the site to bring traffic, bring orders.

every day to open a large number of QQ, published on the website of the product information, and then use the floating bottle delivery out to attract others to browse and buy the site, in order to drive the amount of traffic and sales volume. If there is a general opening of the game, received drift bottles, the mailbox will have a pop prompt, most people will look at the point of curiosity, as long as the goods they need help, do not worry about traffic and sales. The figure below is what I just randomly:


is almost this type, but the writing is very casual, and can not do a good job promotion.

I have a friend as a gift website, about May this year began to do stand, have no what flow, regardless of the forum, soft, blog has been tried, is no effect, very troublesome ah, until the end of August this year, after another diet drug friend, said the gift the industry in bottles do promotion very suitable, you can start using QQ bottles, the bottles out of date for a long time, he is also very hesitant to do, will not have the effect, but selling diet pills friends business is very hot, began to try, registered 100 QQ number of bottles there is a limit on the number of dropped, 100 QQ a day to throw 600 bottles or so, the edited information to be transmitted, and then stop the hair, here’s his message:



did not start what effect, not what sales, IP is ups and downs, did not change much, but he didn’t give up, just made about half a month, that is to a few days before the Mid Autumn Festival, traffic and sales have slowly changed much, consulting many people up, light the days have made hundreds of fast, although not many, but he is already the largest one month since the station make, happy are bad. After the festival, traffic and sales have declined, but the flow of people is also good, so has been doing, only a few days before Christmas and the new year will come, during earn thousands of. Chinese new year, Valentine’s day has come, he is now very crazy, and more registered more account, non-stop hair.

looks very simple, in fact, this also want to do a good job in your user experience in the station, as well as the release of information to the heart

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