Melon seeds used car 250 million dollars and then hit 1 billion advertising

September 27th, the largest second-hand car business platform – the seeds of second-hand car straight sell network announced that the A $250 million round of financing have all arrived, and Chinese Jingwei bluerun become new investment, a second-hand car electricity supplier in the field of the single financing. During the national day, the seeds of second-hand car version of advertising in major TV and network platform crazy scraper, the practice of CEO Yang Haoyong at the annual press conference that " to invest 1 billion yuan in advertising; " " " self declaration.

Yang Haoyong said, at least until the end of this year, all broadcast programs are able to see the seeds of second-hand car advertising, the audience audio-visual will be comprehensive and three-dimensional bombing.

currently encountered winter capital entrepreneurship atmosphere is still getting worse, to burn fast, fierce competition in the field of O2O influence bigger. In this regard, the melon used car founder Yang Haoyong believes that the capital is not really cold, but the lack of good projects, good opportunities are not many. " any one trillion market areas need to continue for many years of investment, in order to do this market. "

Yang Haoyong said that the second half of the year and even next year, the seeds of the second-hand car advertising volume will continue to increase, " this is a case of decades of opportunity (can) the consumer behavior and a brand equate ".

the beginning of this year, second-hand car business platform that kicked off the burn wars. March 30th, the melon used car announced the acquisition of $204 million 500 thousand A round, will invest 1 billion yuan for advertising, the same day, another used car website " everyone car " announced that it will invest $500 million for brand building.

Yang Haoyong said the second half of the year will invest 1 billion yuan to further raise the level of brand building, in order to expand brand awareness. 2016, the seeds of second-hand cars to invest heavily in advertising, television and online video coverage of 5 billion people, outdoor coverage of 213 million people, the average frequency of contact for the 100. The next year, the seeds of second-hand car advertising is expected to further increase, full coverage of the mainstream media, including TV, the mainstream video sites, outdoor advertising, body form, enter the full three-dimensional advertising bombing season.

seeds of second-hand car was founded in September 27, 2015, the same year in November from the 58 market is split, the original Ganji CEO Hao Yang Chung second venture. The seeds of the second-hand car development pattern from the previous development experience, think that the electricity supplier market is " the winner of " the characteristics of more sellers will bring more buyers, and vice versa, " the rapid development of the field of advertising imperative & quot;.

is currently the second-hand car business with seeds per car from 3% Commission, Hao Yang Chung is expected by the end of income amounted to 100 million yuan scale, " loss; needless to say, there are few Internet Co not to spend money, but.

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