Hospital network promotion is very important

recently observed in some hospitals dynamic industry website, more and more hospitals began to pay attention to the Internet through the Internet, the network platform for potential users more familiar known as they build network brand to enhance the corporate image, to achieve the ultimate goal of "profit". Therefore, the network plays a vital role in the promotion of marketing through the network to bring more potential users to achieve the next line transactions. The hospital network promotion mode is diversified, such as quiz promotion, Forum promotion, blog promotion, search engine bidding, search engine optimization, pages PPC, promotion of a series of network promotion.

now a lot of hospitals through the network to promote online marketing profit and the proportion of the total profit of the line is growing, there are a lot of hospitals through the online profit effect is not obvious is not so satisfactory. Here, from the network promotion way can be divided into paid promotion and free promotion in two categories; pay promotion is simply need to pay the network promotion way and will have the effect of pay promotion methods such as search engine bidding, PPC, network alliance promotion way; free promotion and pay promotion is the opposite reason do not need this free of any costs and budget using the network platform to bring more traffic promotion, free promotion methods such as quiz promotion, blog promotion, SEO promotion way.

If the

through a variety of network promotion the practical application of the comprehensive traffic and bring users is relatively stable, but some hospitals often promotion way too single effects completely is not ideal, month on investment and profit imbalance is also not find from their own problems and cause analysis. If the network promotion personnel and network operators can take the initiative to find the cause, analysis of the problem, in fact, not difficult; however, a lot of people understand this truth is not really to implement this is the most heartbreaking.

the following examples of three hospitals on the analysis from the network platform is in the more well-known (Figure three), in the area is famous (Figure two) and unknown hospital (Figure 1), not only some of the data on its website or through the whole network information coverage is not difficult to see.




figure two


figure three

single from these data is also difficult to analyze the actual proportion of earnings, which is the promotion of the above mentioned ways to integrate a single problem. Generalization is a kind of benign development trend, and the way of promotion is too unitary will evolve into a vicious trend will continue to affect the development of the whole enterprise.

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