Webmaster friends your business model is complete

always listen to expert say it is important to stop doing business model. It has been unclear what this business model is in the end. Business model. Is how to make money, now feel not. Will also make money to spend, business models in addition to how to make money, but also includes how to spend money, divided into several stages, each stage to achieve what goals. How to integrate existing resources to achieve what goals. When to start making money, positioning in what industry or what kind of crowd and so on a system problem. Complete the business model of the next operation is to target.

recently some friends showed me his station, some do industry information. Have to want to do the industry’s SNS, some hands have a giant good domain name, but also want to be a giant cattle station. Let me give some advice, I am not just to go around, is not necessarily right, but one thing is for sure, no matter what you do, you must first think of a relatively complete and reasonable business model, this can not be fooled people, really is your own understanding, your own what makes you think Meipu convince others what. You say Youku Jane is not simple. Video sharing. Some foreign Chinese copy, it looks quite simple. But when it comes to business model is not simple, because it depends on the pattern of the founder Victor Koo, where the network. So you want to do stand must weigh their own resources. Resources clear, this is the business model of raw materials.

some friends don’t get it. The tiger swallow their own hands only 10 days, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of funds, no financing channels, did not expect the website to do after the money to earn money from where, now see SNS fire in SNS, see the PPG selling shirts in good mall. Do the middle of difficulties, think the game, hardcore losing money, only "closing", take the time and effort in vain. A recent example, a netizen to do a website selling shirts, looking for a website to make a company for a mall, spent 20 thousand yuan, with the development of the first half of the time, doing things out, I see, is really not how. In fact, now open source mall so much mature mall programs everywhere, if the 20 thousand yuan for the transformation of the mature network mall code, especially for the later merchandiser so reconstruction and development, which saves the time, certainly is not the weak function. For this example to illustrate is to do things must be planned, where the money should be used. Because there are too many companies in the technology investment cost is not clear. Because technology is the cost, to be able to compress as much as possible compression, can save the province, can be used as far as possible to use ready-made, can be used on the line, must not allow the development of technology into a burden. Real investment should be in the operation and content construction. These two are the part of the flow and profit.

you have this position, you can’t people a few seedlings, not Zeyang, also lack experience, to engage in the death of Baidu, will engage in the death of this school, not the one, it only shows the ignorance. Most people want to engage in the website of the owners have a completely different model, completely rushed to a so-called >

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