2015 marketing technology foresight there will be 5 major trends

NetEase Francisco January 4th news, according to U.S. media reports, Adobe marketing cloud products (AMC) suris vice president of marketing strategy of · (Suresh Vittal); he wrote articles, marketing technology outlook 2015, that the new year will have some new trends and technologies. The following is the main content of the article

from the digital marketing perspective, 2014 is an exciting and influential one year: brand consumers eager to give more, some marketers are stepping up action, released the experience we can only dream of a complete, personally on the scene before. 2015 marketing will be more powerful, more revolutionary. It is expected that the following 1 years will quickly form the following trends and technologies.

1, micro targeting beyond retail

2015 micro target locking technology, specifically iBeacons, in retail and other sectors will become a more integral part of customer switching experience. In 2014, the technology in the super bowl and other large-scale use, by the end of 2015, with the brand’s efforts to improve the real-time participation of smart phone users, each large U.S. stadium and stadium will have a sense of beacon".

but the technology is not limited to the stadium and shopping malls, has been widely used in banking and financial services providers, tourism, entertainment companies and hotel catering industry. As a result of this large-scale, no industry differences in the test, the micro target lock wave has an impact on everyone.

2, the combination of online and offline consumer experience

2015 more retailers will begin to turn their physical location for access to information and participation experience driven platform. The demand is yes: consumers expect stores and staff to connect digitally, linking them with off the shelf products, discounts and services. Brands must eliminate the boundaries of the 2 platforms to keep pace with consumer demand.

3, dynamic content through the revival of e-mail marketing

email will be revived in 2015. Push offers and discounts will also have a place, but consumers have little sense of how these are too common. Smart, focused marketers will introduce environmental management, according to the specific circumstances of the consumer at the right time to send the appropriate e-mail, and in accordance with hobbies, location, time and environment to send personalized e-mail.

4, the natural touch of loneliness dies

Facebook abandoned the concept of natural touch. In the more than 1 thousand and 500 daily share of content, the average user only see 100, most brands have been ignored. 2015 will mark the end of the natural touch, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other close attention to income, how to do the brand? The answer is very simple and cruel: you have to take a pay model.

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