Network promotion focus on the effect of precision marketing

in the network promotion, we will be exposed to different customers, with customers from various industries, we should pay more attention to the precision marketing network to promote the network promotion plan in the implementation process, in order to increase the overall promotion effect.

so, here is the first to explain, what is the effect of precision marketing, is to seize the search engine ranking can still bring sales? Meet different customers, will have different needs, some focus on the promotion and maintenance of brand reputation, some are very concerned about the sales of the products. Startups are willing to invest in the promotion of the network, it is very eager to bring greater output value, such as bringing a lot of sales.

want to improve product sales, not only to work hard on the product, but also on the service to do meticulous. In the past put aside these two factors affect sales, many customers always like to ignore these two factors, and thus the effect of the entire precision marketing will have a fatal impact.

in the absence of the above factors, in order to achieve a more precise marketing, you need a variety of precision strategy.

There are many methods of

network promotion, news, forum, blog, Post Bar, Q & A, QQ space and other social software, but to do precision marketing, need to consider is the precise platform for the promotion of soft Wen planning, accurate, precise audience of customers.

precise soft Wen planning

soft text of the plan, is to promote the bullet, can hit that, so that the consumer is concerned, there are many things to consider here. For example, the mentality of the audience groups, consumer habits, the rise of hobbies, etc.. If it is hard to use a wide range of online advertising, what kind of text language needs to attract consumer attention. And if the release of soft Wen, you need a high quality articles, bring attention. Write a specific article to consider is not flat and uninteresting, read no matter. Must hold a point to key points, but not too direct, there must be a lot of bedding, but also not too strong color key. Need to consider is the reader’s mind. In fact, from the perspective of the reader’s experience to write the article is obvious.

precision promotion platform

some customers are dedicated to the marketing of a platform, and some are integrated promotion. But no matter what the customer decided to use the promotion, the key issue is the choice of platform. Accurate selection of the platform, the need to consider the value of the platform considerations. For example, an article for the release of soft news, forums or micro-blog, in addition to have to consider what the news needs to have the effect of the platform, however, many of the site’s news can not see the amount of reading. Forum platform selection in accordance with the customer’s audience gathered to publish. But at present, the sharp drop in the country’s four major portal forum in popularity, but some of the vertical niche on the professional forum in increasing popularity. Many customers are very excited to do the activities in the four portals forum, we will give the appropriate recommendations. If it is put hard wide, you need to test >

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