Teach you how to play hard advertising hard advertising has the impact on the brand

hard advertising as the name suggests, were a way similar to viral advertising and brand promotion, such as hard advertising is most evident in QQ group or QQ mail, news, etc., and evaluation, but these hard advertising effect is not good, but for a new product is one of the most direct the promotion, the second is the answer, for example, now Baidu know, Baidu now know is manual review, everyone in the use of pictures in the form of promotion, use the advertising done, then answer questions or when inserted, the brand has a real effect on the effect of a little, but as long as the users need to solve the problem is solved to insert a hard advertising, on brand impact or not.


QQ mass hard advertising

using QQ group hard advertising several big impact on the brand, as long as you promise to be pigs will send tickets and administrators in other hard mass advertising, of course if it is related to QQ mass is only hard advertising in the peer exposure on brandawareness not much benefit, and mail advertising, too. Want to do good, or with a soft advertising is really, we must consider the user when in the mail experience, and the user’s perspective I mail hard advertising, such as mail hard advertising into event to send, to achieve the effect of different, this is what brand or is big why do we site stiff advertising does not let users feel tired of.

evaluation of hard advertising

said on the net as long as the evaluation has seen this can not kill off not end dandyism advertising, even if you killed, it grows again with the spring breeze, with a straw to play. Of course assessment hard advertising u is said to have not, as long as the skills of stiff advertising can also be reached to establish connections with potential customers opportunities, such as we see some traffic blog, bloggers also have a professional knowledge of their evaluation of hard advertising in the hair will say, welcome comments, if you is the recommended way to direct assessment hard advertising, so I can say is a Dutch act on the behavior of the brand, others see your advertisement to his feeling is garbage again, really TMD than the dandelion seed and cattle. It is the result of the brand publicity has become a waste of propaganda.

message hard ad

We play

in the forum or space or often receive the book over such astonishing news, as long as a day to open your account will prompt you, you have a new message, open look, our company is XXX, recommend you to do so and promotions. Wait, and congratulations, waiting for the amazing news, let your heart can not stand. I ignored the news directly. This hard advertising is not good for the brand, only the downside.

article boast hard advertising

when we see some articles directly advertising, we may not be able to see, to give him a closed action, may not be >

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