The advantages and disadvantages of private medical industry WeChat marketing

said WeChat marketing, I believe we are very understanding. However, WeChat’s exposure to the user information is very high, so, dear friends, especially when they are playing WeChat beauty, we must pay attention to safety oh. In fact, WeChat is not only reflected in the individual, in a lot of industry is very good integration, can be their own products and brands do marketing. Today, Chen Chen was to share under the private medical industry with the advantages and disadvantages of WeChat marketing.

private medical industry using the advantages of WeChat marketing

1, GPS function positioning and direct user dialogue

said WeChat marketing, I believe we all know that WeChat is GPS function positioning. The so-called GPS function positioning, GPS positioning system on the mobile terminal built-in mobile phone card through the mobile phone signal to the background to achieve positioning. In other words, private health care in the use of WeChat marketing at the same time, the user can face their own far and near targeted marketing. Find the scope can be focused on customers within 1 km of the customer source, which is more targeted for users.

2, free dialogue with the user intimate dialogue

WeChat marketing is a free dialogue, as we all know, presumably everyone for its traffic is not particularly valued. If the private medical industry wants to use WeChat marketing, you can take the family line. In order to build their own service quality of care is the user’s favorite, but not a large area of advertising information, users will cause resentment.

3, the promotion of hospital image marketing intentions

if you can use WeChat marketing for their own hospital brand marketing, close to the user, not only greatly enhance the hospital public image, but to create a public hospital brand awareness. Can learn from some real, reliable pictures to highlight the public nature of their hospital. In this point, operators need to consider how to benefit by mutual discussion, marketing.

any marketing approach has the advantage of a disadvantage, the private medical industry to use WeChat marketing advantages are as follows:

1, complex operation time

if the private sector by WeChat micro-blog, I’m afraid the operation Department colleagues to work hard, because this constantly shake, to ensure that the name of the hospital can appear many times a lot of user’s eye. So, this is very time-consuming, for the initial WeChat marketing, the difficulty is relatively large.

2, WeChat software features need to be improved

now WeChat software does not show whether the user is online, so at this point, it may be corrected later WeChat, but in the present is nothing more than to solve.


above is Chen Chen analysis of private medical industry by WeChat marketing advantages and disadvantages, a friend operating over the private medical industry in some departments is more suitable for WeChat marketing, but since.

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