My view on the problem of network marketing in tourism industry

China has a vast territory, a variety of tourism resources are very rich, for many travel agencies, how to make good use of these tourism resources? To attract more customers, the Internet platform can be said to be fully deserve of choice, not only because of the Internet users population as high as 350 million, the coverage of Chinese city population, but also because the Internet has multiple forms of rich that can fully show the tourist attractions. However, China’s current tourism network marketing is still in the primary stage, there are three main problems:

travel agencies do not attach importance to the network marketing

many travel agencies are traditional businessmen, the location is high, did not realize the significance of network marketing. In the fierce competition in the market, they only focus on the promotion of newspapers, such as the high line, and then in the use of price cuts, rebates, reduce costs and other ways to increase the source or profit. In this way, not only affect the quality of service and travel agency image, but not easy to get good marketing performance. At the same time, although the "network promotion" everyone is familiar, but businessmen because of the traditional network marketing the benefits of the lack of understanding, always wandering holding wait-and-see attitude.

travel agency to understand the network is not enough


is more and more travelagencies recognize the importance of network, but the network, most still remain in the primary stage, basically can only do some simple text processing and the most common data reports, did not play its advantages. The travel agency has the Internet know through a web publishing and propaganda line, but do not know how to release the line to allow more tourists to see the target, how to show, can attract visitors to watch and love, so that to achieve the best effect. When the line is released, the most important is the three point, 1, let the line in the search engine the best 2, so that visitors can see at a glance the whole line of 3, visitors can be directly linked to the travel agency. The Showtime travel line released as an example.

travel agency network marketing a single

many domestic travel agency network marketing way is unitary, lacks the new idea, causes the website hits rate is not high, the utilization rate is low. From Showtime travel inside to understand, even if there are nearly thirty thousand travel agencies registered online, but there are some travel agencies or only to their own business, the data line information and contact information on the Internet, after the network maintenance, data modification and updating of the information work is ignored, more don’t automatically go to the promotion. Therefore, some outdated information is still on the Internet, misleading to consumers, not only in the Showtime staff join the travel agency in the early days of the travel agency to remind visitors of the consultation and feedback. Some travel agencies don’t directly copy the home line, similar content, the product value is much smaller, the tourists have unique attraction. Xinxin staff reminder: network marketing is an inevitable choice for the business, but also the products continue to be imitated, will cause the homogenization of the product itself, Tu >

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