Awang network marketing soft marketing

marketing is a very important part of the network marketing, may directly return to the promotion of the website hit rate is not much, but can enhance the site and goods in the netizens’ cognition, I think if you do "soft read your article, users will ask the goods in which to buy this. This is the original site?" the results came out, if you looked after, said that the article is doing well, the effect is not very good play. I only do some exchange analysis of some soft Wen, the purpose is to learn from each other.

a simple survey form

for example, we want to promote a website, you do like this in the soft, we can use the theme of "3 site" after 80 to love you most like this theme, content is "as 80, I love the most is 1, Tianya forum, is my love is your love (which are referred to the world, because we are on the horizon in the hair soft Wen); 2, A5 station network, so that we can learn a lot of knowledge, we all love him; 3, I also love to (we want to promote the site, because of this," **********) like our website into account, then use the N vest to the top, we own to the promotion of the website can each of the three or four top posts, so that you can interact together.

two, text plus picture

for example, we want to promote a commodity (* *), and then to the forum. We can use the theme of "corner shooting supermarket, discovered the bag with * * * * * * female supplies," like this theme, the theme is to attract the public, the content can be written as "when the supermarket yesterday and the friend, suddenly found a shocking scene, a super beautiful woman the bag has been revealed * * goods, it is surprising that…;… I quickly using a mobile phone to shoot down, for everyone to see, then, we can in the soft add pictures, pictures that you shot down, including police woman, her bag and the bag of goods. Of course, this MM, there are bags and goods, is to be prepared before you, after all, is to do the marketing to prepare. Then, then it is necessary to register a few more ID to the top, from time to time to ask, "what is this commodity", "where to sell," the language, as a reminder to other visitors to the question.

Of course, there are many ways of

, also a lot of skills, no matter how to write, must be interactive, as long as we try to make 10 visitors the 2 person can remember our website, our goods can be. Other forms of soft Wen, the next time we exchange.

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