Xianning happy to teach you how to play the promotion of local station

July 28th, Xianning happy network has the formal operation of 1 and a half months, in this month, we expect many data are not ideal, four comrades in our Xianning happy net is really tired, and battle. But still so long, don’t know when to see the end of victory. All this as the horse mouth said: everything is not so easy as you think, if you come to do. The good news is that this month, thanks to the support of friends, as a new website, Xianning happy net to visit thousands of IP success, here is Baidu statistics screenshot, and these results are mainly our ground to promote the results here today with friends we share the experience of the promotion of the ground.

first of all, we must establish at the beginning of the site must rely on the ground to promote the site, relying on friends to recommend the development and expansion of ideas. Want to rely on search traffic to grow before it is possible, but it is unlikely that this process is too long, at this time is the era of efficiency, so you every day to see the Baidu included, you have slowly out. Then the limited financial strength of friends, what is the most effective for the promotion of the ground today, selfless dedication to you a few strokes nirvana, economical and effective.

is a low-cost, publicity, because it is not real estate website publicity, so you can try to choose some slightly worse paper printing, the red 55g monochrome paper is very cheap, we printed 50 thousand copies, also said more than and 900 dollars

two, publicity color name card, name card of the double-sided coated if printed in large quantities if the price is very cheap, we have printed 500 boxes, is 50 thousand, less than 1000 yuan, an average of 4 cents a piece,

in particular and distribute leaflets through our name card, hair name card is better than the effect of a distribute leaflets, one is the others to accept, the other outside the single member carry a little easier, and also other people or save, can be used in a number of occasions, leaflets is too conspicuous, some people see is irresistible. It is worth noting that labor costs than distribute leaflets and name card production costs, we find the students is 50 yuan a day, 100 thousand of our points several times to send, labor costs more than 3 thousand.

three, is the wall advertising, this is the cheapest, the best effect. Well we have to consider is the kind of paint tools are ready, but that may cause public resentment, and finally no use, because we are a tourist city, it would feel more sinister, if you are a county you can use, otherwise, to others open the door put chased the words you may have a cup.

four, television advertising, this is a bit expensive, but look at the things you do the determination, if you are determined to get things done, do not consider the question of money, but advertising must choose a good time, would rather choose.

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