Do network do the company team building six quadrants

Since the establishment of the

hearing collar company, has been the team building in the core position. Network company is a talent intensive enterprise, any business needs a high degree of participation. Therefore, the excellent team is the basis for the development of network companies.

company is the team building, the core of the company is the team.

not only to return to the king, here to talk about some of the views of team building: team building six quadrants.

first quadrant: talent.

I put the

team building to boil a pot of good medicine soup, yaoyinzi talent is this soup. Yaoyinzi what role, I think we all know. Of course, we all know that light is yaoyinzi is not boil a pot of soup to the medicine.

second quadrants: environment.

environment is the soup of water, water is good, can make the medicine to play the best effect; water, medicine, rest assured, happy heart, a good natural medicine. The water is not good, must spoil the good medicine.

third quadrants: training.

training is the pot stirring spoon, stir, let all herbs play the best effect; a good medicine soup needs the same pot of good medicine, light has one or two pieces of good medicine is not likely to boil a pot of soup good medicine.

fourth quadrants: benefits.

interest is the prescription, prescription is written "win-win team".

fifth quadrants: system.


system is aoyao soup pot, no matter how frustrating, had to boil in the pot, no rules without Cheng Fangyuan, the system determines the behavior.

sixth quadrants: target.

target is the bottom of the furnace fire, decided this medicine decoction can boil, fineness, see this fire.

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