Let the site beyond the great coup 265 HAO123

"good air-conditioning, GREE made", this slogan is everyone for having heard it many times. When the United States to "ban" line of GREE air-conditioning, want to rely on sales channels to ban GREE channel hegemony, GREE CEO Dong Mingzhu hard, self built sales channels, still holds the top spot in the domestic air-conditioning industry. Visible, any behavior with the opportunity to monopolize the market is futile.

what can we learn from the webmaster


from this example I was inspired by the site to do the site is still OK, the key is how to do. Since GREE is taking the method of self built channels, we can also expand distribution channels to a web site. The change dynasties exceeded 5566, hao123265 and K369.

we must first make clear, 5566, hao123265 and K369’s first mover advantage is obviously, time and channel. 5566 of the history is unknown, hao123 is the release of the virus into, and the other is through the introduction of numerous expired domain name traffic, K369 is the Internet cafe management software through the Internet cafes to address the market. And then because of other sites to import more traffic and access to other sites outside the chain, so the formation of a virtuous circle, the flow like snowball expansion.

in short, the site itself is no technical content of things, but really useful for users. So, these old web site, only the first mover advantage, there is no core advantage. Things are changing, people’s interest and the access level is also changing, who don’t expect so. Once and for all, these stations are faced with a serious crisis, at any time may crumble and fall apart. As long as we read the "ants and elephants," the animated story, you know the power of ants.

below to talk about specific.

recently, I use the domain name kaobi.com the integration of the domestic existing content alliance resources, creating the integrated information portal www.kaobi.com, found no one engaged in the search content and Website Content Alliance alliance. Through a detailed analysis of the contents of this mode of operation alliance, found that this model is beneficial to all parties involved. Through the search content alliance, you can make the NetEase way beyond Baidu and Google quickly become possible, by engaging in the site content alliance can easily exceed 5566, hao123265 and k369. It is so simple, I do not know what is the content of the site alliance, please read the article "website Content Alliance standardization proposal" and "the current content of the site there are a number of alliances.".

below to talk about the contents of the site of the various parties involved in the parties may benefit:

1 production Content Alliance technical threshold is very low, any understanding of ASP or PHP dynamic web technology can easily develop a.

2 so that each webmaster and Internet users are easy to have their own web site. Away from 5>

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