The first launch of the latest civilink international top level domain Me registration service

.Me domain name:

1, the most imaginative international top-level domain name

2, the suffix is one of the shortest international top-level domain

3, the most creative and personalized international top-level domain name, such as: Contact.Me, Love.Me,,

word meaning: I (help. me,…


word pronunciation: fans (,,…


1,.Me domain name will be officially opened in July 17th Beijing time at 23 registered, first come first served, no registration restrictions.

2, July 2nd to enter the pre registration period, the customer will need to submit settlement business (processing state), 17 days to be officially open registry interface, we will carry out the batch submission registration.

3, the price of the same price with a formal pre registration, only BC.

4 pre registration can only be submitted for 2 years, the official opening period will be submitted to 2-10.

5 with the price of renew registration price, the same price to price registration.  

            Admin5 domain name registration platform is the largest network core partner of  we will launch the.Me domain name registration, please pay attention to pre injection of   qq 


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