Data show that in 2007 the annual revenue of 45% small websites

self built website, you can earn money by clicking, which is spread a few years ago a wide range of secret recipe". However, the largest online advertising trading platform Ali mother quoted well-known industry forum "in 2007 China personal webmaster Wangzhuan real income" survey data show that at present, 45% small and medium-sized websites annual income is zero, the annual income of 1000 yuan accounted for 12.2%, the annual income of 3000 yuan accounted for 5.41%, the annual income of 5000 yuan accounted for 4.06% years. The income of 8000 yuan to 20 thousand yuan accounted for 12.88%, the annual income of between 30 thousand and 100 thousand accounted for 14.11%, while the annual income of over 200 thousand yuan is only 1.66%.

Analysys International "China Internet advertising market trends forecast 2007 – 2011" the report pointed out that in 2007 the online advertising market size of more than 7 billion yuan, up 51.6%. Meanwhile, the proportion of online advertising market share increased year by year, from 0.9% in 2003 to rise in 2007, the market size is expected to reach $11 billion 200 million in 2008, an increase of nearly 60%. However, for small and medium sites, it is not easy to make money.

Ali mother released China’s first "domestic online advertising satisfaction survey report" pointed out that the China online advertising market in the next 3 years will continue rapid development, but the user satisfaction, the keyword advertising effect is not stable, the audience effect is not clear and click fraud as advertisers are most concerned about, and the small website concerned cost calculation and stable income.


survey shows that the current threats to websites and advertisers are widespread: click fraud, cross point alliances and false advertising. More than 82% of the owners hope to promote benign network advertising environment, 70% of the owners said against fraud and cheating, will not join the organized cross point alliance, 85% of the owners are most concerned about the online advertising revenue, 40% of the sites caused by false advertising worry legal liability is not necessary; advertisers, nearly 40% of the advertisers that suffer a click fraud, nearly 60% of the advertisers that the current advertising waste composition, 75% of the advertisers are most concerned about the advertising effect and feedback, 74% advertisers are willing to try a more precise form of advertising.

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