Exposure meters friend joint venture nearly 2 million yuan acquisition of 6588 com and other 4 digit

renamed China (eName.cn) May 18th – the day before, the domain name and domain name investors @ friend @ m long Sparrowhawk net joint acquisition of 6588.com, 6288.com, 3223.com and 6226.com 4 4 digital domain. According to the news, the purchase price of these 4 domains of nearly 2 million yuan.


figure: Friends of nearly 2 million acquisition of 6588.com and other domain names

was acquired by 6588.com, 6288.com, 3223.com and 6226.com 4 4 digital domain, product phase is fine, the former two are to "88" at the end of 4, meaning the digital domain name Geely, after the two is ABBA, a catchy and easy memory.

is currently unable to confirm, the transaction price really is nearly 2 million yuan, only know that the domain name 6588.com was at the beginning of the year was renamed Chinese 90 domain investors through an intermediary to 6 digit price to win.

also revealed that, in addition, Shun Zi domain 5432.cn with 6 digit prices once again changed hands, the buyer is Beijing domain name investor Yan Feng, the domain name is the seller in May 10th with 5 digit prices. In another development, 5432.cn at the beginning of the transaction, the transaction price of only 35 thousand yuan.

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