The starting point of the prosecution of the most expensive network literature infringement case pen

news October 24th, days before the Shanghai Higher People’s court made a final judgment on the starting point Chinese aspect Chinese net net sued infringement case, the defendant Beijing fantasy aspect xuanting entertainment to compensate the plaintiff 3 million yuan of economic losses and reasonable expenses 30 thousand yuan. This case is the Supreme Court ruling on the infringement of the right to information dissemination of a single piece of information.

it is understood that the plaintiff Shanghai xuanting entertainment Mdt InfoTech Ltd "is the starting point Chinese network operators. On January 18, 2010, the plaintiff and the works of "eternal life" of the author Wang Zhong (pseudonym: "ecstatic dream machine") signed the "agreement" platinum works. Under the terms of the agreement, within 4 years from the date of entry into force of the agreement, all the works of Wang Zhong’s creation of the right to the dissemination of information on the global network and other rights in the form of electronic permanent transfer to the plaintiff. On July 2010, the plaintiff found Wang Zhong in Chinese network and the defendant Beijing fantasy aspect network technology company ( published the "eternal life" works, after the lawsuit, the Shanghai first intermediate people’s court judgment, the plaintiff entitled "permanent" confirmation of copyright.

the plaintiff that the defendant infringes the legitimate rights and interests of the right to network dissemination of information such as the plaintiff to enjoy "eternal life" works, then taken to court, requesting the defendant to immediately stop the infringement, compensate the plaintiff economic loss of 12 million yuan; reasonable cost expenditure of 51500 yuan compensation for the plaintiff.

Beijing Dong Yi law firm partner Zhao Hu said that the current domestic tort cases are mainly based on the plaintiff’s economic losses and the defendant’s illegitimate profit penalty. Because of the excellent network literature has brought great economic benefits to the market, once the infringement occurs, will bring huge economic losses to the plaintiff, the future decisions on a single text right to network dissemination of information work may be higher.

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