From today on the following words can be fined up to 1 million

1 "most"

, the best and most, most love, and earn the most optimal, the best, the best, the largest, the biggest, highest and most advanced, the most high-end, the most luxurious, the lowest, the lowest level, the lowest and most bottom, the cheapest, the lowest in the history of the most popular, the most popular, the most fashion, most gathered, most with the first and the most comfortable, most advanced and most advanced science, finally, the latest, latest technology and science

2 "one"

, the first China first, first, first, the whole network sales ranked first, the only, the first brand, NO.1, TOP1, the one and only, the first, left, one day, this is the only time (a), one of the last wave, and the national X brand sales crown (that can be used to Construction Committee)

3 "level"

national, international, world-class, ten million, one million, star, 5A, class A, super class

4 "extreme words"

top (top / tip), top, senior, enjoy the best, excellent (perfect / absolute), ultimate, ultimate, very, very, perfect, excellent (excellent), and to the extreme, perfect, Pierre, Zhen Zhen, seats, and aspirations, unprecedented and unrepeatable finale, out of print, and matchless this is it, the peak, and hitherto unknown and no one can top, Ding, Ding, crown, leader of Dingding and perfect, and non renewable, can not be copied, unique, incomparable, most incisive, gold, only, excellence, outstanding

5 "scarce"

No, out of print, rare, rare, unique, rare, it is not in, rare treasures, priceless, rare, rare, unprecedented, and a

with no predecessors after scanty

6 exclusive

exclusive and original, only according to the developers, architects, and founder and inventor of the

7 "head / home / country"

, the first choice, exclusive, first, chief, capital, preferred, premier, first national and state leaders, the country, public housing, for the first time, to fill the domestic blank, international quality

8 "gold"

gold shop, the value of gold, gold lots, money, financial currency picture, foreign currency

9 "brand"

, big gold, brand, ACE, leading listed, star, famous, head, supreme, champion, king, king, king king, King villa, Royal

10 "collar"

world leader (Yao Yao) leader, leader, leader, leader, leader, navigator, Yao collar

11 "false"

, permanent, universal, There was no parallel in history. with no predecessors, one hundred percent

12 "authority"

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