Alipay supports 190 countries to participate in this year 11 push pumping red recharge activities


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news November 9th, Alipay has been in more than and 190 countries to provide payment services for Alipay users, which in some countries and regions have to pay for the use of currency. It is reported that this year, Alipay has added more than and 10 new access to international payment institutions, provide convenience for overseas users to double eleven "Taobao".

this year, Alipay accelerated access to a number of domestic Internet banking, bank cards and other means of payment, so that more users in local currency can be directly used for payment, change the past only rely on international credit card in order to achieve cross-border online shopping. In addition, from the beginning of the 9.2 version in October this year, foreigners and people in Hong Kong can have more than 20 foreign banks in mainland China bank card binding by alipay.

however, due to the short-term sales double eleven this outbreak to pay, and three party logistics service providers to bring the test, in order to reduce the system pressure of the bank, to prevent individual banking channels in a burst of peak yesterday, Alipay launched Tmall 11 Alipay recharge double pumping red "campaign, in November 8th to November 10th. To Alipay in single recharge over 100 yuan, have the opportunity to extract the amount of 5 yuan to 100 yuan red envelopes, the envelopes totaled 2 million 360 thousand, the total amount reached 20 million 500 thousand yuan, to encourage users to double eleven when the angel with the balance, Yu Ebao or ant take to pay.

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