Stationmaster net broadcast Online meal ordering black dens shocking expose shake WeChat trap

1 online meal ordering black dens shocking: a shop licence is three  

October 1st, the newly revised food safety law to make the network ordering the current transaction clearly stipulates: the third party platform provider should be real name registration of food business operators on the network, the food safety management responsibility; shall obtain the license according to law, also should review its license. However, the implementation of the law for nearly 3 months, still frequent around the shop without a license, "black dens" through the network platform business delivery phenomenon. Vulnerability, why difficult to fill?

hundreds of restaurants without

in recent years, the rapid development of online takeaway market. According to iResearch consulting statistics, in 2014 China’s catering O2O market size of 97 billion 510 million yuan, is expected in 2017 will exceed $200 billion. The popular ordering platform "hungry" for example, now covering more than and 300 city, with over 40 million users, nearly 50 franchised restaurants.

2 friends impression Tencent and other investment but has been blocked by Tencent 6 times  


social APP friends impression recently received 33 million yuan Pre-A round of financing, the investor is Softbank Chinese, Tencent, part of the funds from the Jingdong to raise public. It is worth mentioning that, Tencent had previously blocked 6 friends impression.

it is understood that the friend impression is a social product APP, the main record of life stories, their evaluation of others, to a friend to write stories and other functions, is a function of both the real name, anonymous social software. A feature of this product is that the personal home page is no longer just published content, but others can give you to write your story, comment.

3 Internet new error code: 451 

people often get on the Internet, will certainly encounter 4XX series of HTTP error code, such as 404 Not Found representatives can not find the server, on behalf of the site refused to visit Forbidden 403. According to foreign media reports, the Internet Engineering Steering Committee (IESG) recently formally approved a new HTTP error code "451" to represent "for legal reasons and official review" content.

reports that the Internet Engineering Steering Committee (IESG), which is responsible for the development of network operating standards, said in a statement, "the code means that, because of the legal consequences of the official refused to visit". IESG also suggested that the official on the web page to specify who is to prevent access to this web site, and state the reasons.

4 suspected of piracy! Light novel site light country, light library was investigated  

According to micro-blog

certification number @ Ping Shuangliu announced today, the domestic well-known light >

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