The domain name registrar drill loopholes personal agent can still become agents

February 24th news according to informed sources, a domain name registrar recently issued a notice, request individual agent’s real identity information submitted, industry insiders believe the move was in drilling regulations loopholes.

recently, a domain name registrar issued a notice requirement before the banned personal domain name registration agency, before the end of February, submit the information verification form. The check list includes contact information, such as contact card scanning, detailed address, phone number, etc..

it is understood that after the end of 2009 the domain name rectification action, the Ministry has issued a document, the provisions of domain name registration agents registered capital should be more than 1 million yuan, ISP and ICP must have two cards, and the camp site must be through the Ministry of filing.

in this regard, the industry believes that the Registrar again to the person open the door, probably in drilling regulations loopholes, play on words. The Registrar said the agent may only be for COM domain names and other common domain names, not including the CN domain name. Agent may also refer to the proxy account, not agents".

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