Who will be the winner of the game

TechWeb May 2nd Roundup / Wang Weidong

three years later, the first round of the group buying market characterized by the chaos of war ended, followed by a new stage characterized by oligopoly competition. Group purchase has not the one who can do the popular game, and become only a few oligarchs involved in the new game.

copy Groupon

April 2011, a new group buying site was born in Beijing. This called Gaopeng’s new entrants immediately triggered widespread concern in the industry.

that time, buy site has been developed in the country for more than a year, a variety of buy site sprung up. Gaopeng is different, it has a "pure Groupon gene", is regarded as the Groupon officially entered the Chinese.

as a pioneer of group purchase mode, Groupon has achieved success in the European market, Chinese becomes the most important in the Asian market for cultivated land. The choice of cooperation with Tencent, the establishment of a new group of companies to become the main way to enter china.

according to the plan, by Groupon and Tencent in the group purchase Gaopeng invested $50 million, and the experienced international team responsible for the operation of Groupon.

high copy of Groupon is almost the full range of. In terms of talent, at the expense of Groupon transferred from the rich experience of three hundred foreigners to participate in the management. At the same time, with high salaries Gaopeng Zhao Xian, attracted many people to join. According to the vice president of the high gorge Gaopeng, the team was the salary level of Gaopeng is higher than that of other group purchase enterprises more than 50%.

In addition,

also uses a ERP, Gaopeng international enterprise products, the company’s ERP products are used in many of the world’s top five hundred enterprises, but the high cost of excellent products. Use fee per Gaopeng need to the company to pay $25 a month.

In addition to

can be called luxury resource allocation, Groupon advertising model in foreign countries have also been moved into. According to this model, businesses will participate in group purchase group purchase as a method of advertising and attract tourists, businesses need to pay 50% of the transaction as a reward for friends.

high return business model paid recruit talent strategy Xian, ERP management system and marketing of luxury, and the rapid expansion of the city, these make Groupon invincible in Europe and the United States practices, but in China encountered in Waterloo.

when Gao Peng proposed to pay half merchant transaction amount of commission, the domestic group purchase enterprises generally pumped into only 7% to 10%, this let Gao Peng in the beginning will lose the competitive advantage, plus hundreds of thousands of yuan each month ERP fee (Gao Peng was 1800), and high salaries.

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