See what kind of product operation strategy from Alipay’s baby

today Children’s Day, an adult children are longing for the holidays. This day, everyone has the right to sell it to express their adorable, or playful. Now as the first big third party payment platform, Alipay also help the majority of users to sell adorable. All Alipay users nickname behind today amount will have a "baby" was added. Today the first view at your Mr. Alipay really, I become the baby. Think about it since long so big, in addition to the parents will shout at the child, other people shouting, only Alipay. The first also really feel the warm heart. As an operations on the Internet around the industry demand in the head, feel warm at the same time, also to think, Alipay such a warm operation strategy can firmly grasp the user’s heart, and then through the mutual communication between users, brings a word-of-mouth to alipay. This can be said for the payment of the treasure advertising effectiveness is immeasurable, but also because this saves cost of advertising is amazing. So for the product operators, when the product’s nanny, we need some warm operation strategy to make products more attractive and vitality.


first, the operation of the product needs to operate with temperature

said the purpose of the product operation three items: pull new, retention, transformation. If you look at some of the indicators, they are independent and united. Many operators pull new users for products in the initial stage will adopt a simple way riot. For example, just to lure the amount of money to stimulate the growth of the amount of users, but not in the user’s growth period and retain its users to convey more effective or more warmth of information. Lead to the user simple and rough, but also simple and rude to leave. ABSP do not take a cloud.


in fact, according to psychology, each person is for the new things, from accepting to understand the process of dependence. So in the process of the product experience need to continuously optimize the product manager for the product, operations staff, the new strategy, strategy, transformation strategy is retained to a bit of warmth inside. For example, 61 of the time, Alipay also can have the baby, naughty feel that Alipay is not a cold, but a friend of the passions and users together. When the product becomes a friend of the user, then the operator, the user’s loyalty is not to be said.

second, the form of the product needs to be combined with the design of the product

activities planning under the Internet, has been more than just posters, promotions, art things, and more likely to be more relevant to product design and product managers. For example, Alipay needs to plan a baby on Children’s Day activities. Is the red bag or promotion??? These are obviously not what good effect. So this time >

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