Positioning marketing is really so magical

positioning marketing, and in many successful cases to be respected important concepts, such as carved sirloin positioning in the mall shopping rich white-collar, still do not accept children under 12 years old, do not accept reservations; such as Huang Taiji positioning of young people to be experiencing interactive marketing means; in these cases flicker many people began to think, to do business, must have positioning, marketing to marketing positioning. In fact,


positioning marketing is better to do customer experience

carved sirloin customer group positioning their love in vain and delicacy that has little spare cash in a handful of people. Although the flop rate is very high, but do not accept reservations people waiting for has caused a lot of complaints. This is a wrong way of positioning marketing, senior white-collar workers can not be willing to wait every time. God carved sirloin claimed to be intentionally, but not obvious. Eat to eat this, especially in high-end restaurants, and shops tired hungry situation, why do people etc.. In addition to those who do not have the money to join the family of young artists or lively party, who would like to join this lively, obviously very fall. In fact, many customers are beginning to evaluate carved sirloin taste is not as good as advertised. If the dishes are not as good as claimed, the marketing of their own country’s five star chefs are so attractive?

carved sirloin in the seemingly very successful business appearance, has been very frank still operating at a loss. Even in a variety of marketing methods, create a large restaurant on the image, seemingly overcrowded still at a loss, that when idol worship and vanity for the fans emotions of the past, he will come to maintain what


is a fan of the economy as trassient as a fleeting cloud

say Huang Taiji, selling pancakes is not a big thing, mainly to sell the pancake boss has a mind, with a number of so-called Internet thinking, with a variety of gimmicks to flicker a customer. Micro-blog has attracted a large number of young people to become fans group. And gradually, the fans began to understand, in fact, is a pancake, after a while busy, there is time to go together a lively, no time will not deliberately patronize the concept of consumption gradually formed. In such a case, the positioning of the young people’s marketing law will let the yellow hot long?.

fans in this era are as trassient as a fleeting cloud. Like you today, it is concerned about you, is the fans. If you say something tomorrow, maybe you don’t like it. Huang Taiji boss’s speech can not be maintained for a lifetime, if you do not work hard on the pancake fruit, fans will eventually tired, cancel the attention is to press a key thing. Offline stores no fans can be maintained for how long?

is an enterprise, in this matter of marketing positioning, which may be led astray. Think to do a business must be positioned. In fact, perhaps the beginning of positioning, so that the enterprise is very clear for a particular customer base to do the so-called precision marketing, marketing will be a good start

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