Thoughts on the revolutionary innovation of WeChat marketing

since the Spring Festival this time has been studying WeChat marketing, from the marketing point of view, WeChat’s biggest feature is to be able to gather together with customers, so very timely communication and service.

that sounds like no what, the traditional enterprise sales and customer service separation since Needless to say, even if it is a business enterprise, nor can the user converge in a communication platform, continuous communication and influence. I do a few years of Taobao, only a part of precipitation in the QQ’s customers, which provide much material for thought.

from the sales point of view, WeChat sales is based on social sales (of course not simple sales, bear teacher has made it available: Emotional Marketing), WeChat is first added to WeChat after sales. According to some of the current marketing activities carried out in the circle of friends, the operating cost is low, do not need to specifically deal with product images, complex store operations…… Customer service is your own.


content based on sales, such as Taobao, pat, Jingdong, the official website and so on, we have to use Wangwang, QQ and other timely communication tools can get their show, online customer service software become temporary communication tools, like Jingdong and even where the communication software are not the biggest shopping, I confusion in the above is a question to ask to find who to talk to. Tips: This article by the network marketing actual combat Liu Yutong original, want to see the author more articles please visit the blog of Liu Yutong. Please retain the copyright information.

Taobao wanted to do social marketing based on, but when developing web version Wangwang, users no longer need to want to install communication, also marks the Taobao eventually changed to content based marketing.

now I’m in Jingdong, Amazon, Taobao, where to buy things, basically not to communicate with the seller, the page shows very clearly, I bought a receipt on the OK, even the evaluation are too lazy to go, after a long time, based on have done before the seller’s empathy to smoke a time estimate.

now we do website, online customer service tools for users, temporary communication is very convenient, but our biggest problem is that after they finish their communication is very difficult to find, so we tried to communicate on a temporary leave, let the other mobile phone number, or at least leave QQ number.

now many business practice is to micro-blog, WeChat’s traffic guide came in, that I could not help but think of me in a few years ago, is the flow of imported Taobao my official mall, this is the trend to. We should look at the essence and characteristics of WeChat model, do not take it as a marketing channel, so as to carry out marketing activities in line with the laws of the development of electricity supplier.

would like to have a little bit of concern, if WeChat opened a micro shop, the mall, will not become like Taobao based on the content of the marketing, and lost the biggest feature of the current


author information: Liu Yutong, research on Internet marketing strategy

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