CEO how to prevent being killed by CTO

has a senior VC industry said that an ideal start-up companies, 3 partners, should be Baidu’s technology, Ali’s operations and Tencent products.

believe that people who have made it clear that technology in the early stages of entrepreneurship, the importance should be 50% or even higher, only with the development of the business, the proportion is gradually reduced, the proportion of operations and products. A frequency of bug demo, will not only end users, will murder investment.


years ago I was invited from the founder, Microsoft Asia venture back to Hangzhou, as co – CTO and another Zhejiang University Graduate Zhou Tongxue. Before the week students in innovation works, so the team also mostly use the technology stack he brought out innovation works, CEO is a marketing background, these are the words before.

running after a period of time, I and some of them are not reasonable, technical scheme of low efficiency, there may be a risk question, week students with all kinds of excuses every time in the past, non technical background CEO because the company has widely used in this program, also said that from the long count on. Until one night, the potential risk of concentrated outbreak, there were large server downtime, weeks after the resignation of the students, the architecture team was gradually on the right track.

2 years ago, I was involved in an electricity supplier entrepreneurship project was acquired, while a small financial freedom, I began to transform angel, began to find a good investment projects. Angel investment is the most important thing to understand the industry, understand the team, I sprouted through the application of technical posts to understand the bold ideas of various Internet projects. It doesn’t matter, almost 80% of the Internet project technical team has problems, and CTO/ technology is responsible for the culprit.

said some of the wonderful things I’ve been doing in these years.

1, a picture of the social APP company in Hangzhou, the amount of more than one million users.

I was

job interview is the technical director, HR Java actually gave me an engineer for more than 4 years working experience in the interview, ask some of the specific development of all the minor details of knowledge, I said these problems seemed inconsistent and the post after the answer, HR this just to find technical responsible person interview.

is in charge of Baidu architect, an opening is a very strong "wind", asked to do some technical problems of Internet combat basically not used, such as RSAsha1 algorithm is how to achieve? "I answered about, and then asked him," you don’t venture company? Many online library can ah, we do APP need special encryption algorithm? "Then there is more strange problems, such as parameter Java API a special what people like, Speechless choke.

technical team led by the Academy, will become the pursuit of small run fast stumbling block startups. >

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