2014 have some words to say about WeChat marketing

WeChat once again limit the circle of friends believe that we already know that the 5000 friends of concern and the largest amount of attention is basically the amount of media marketing can be said from the road and cast a shadow on the ten thousand. But it can be said that WeChat has lost the value of marketing, and turned to the acquaintance of the property it? I think this definition is too hasty. After all, Zhang is now more of the behavior of WeChat’s development in the controllable range, to avoid out of control, and dilute the marketing attributes is only one of the pieces. As for the future WeChat will continue to dilute this property, I dare say absolutely not. Marketing is equivalent to the value of the business, WeChat will not say so, as the future is what kind of presentation, refining plate may be a way out. Therefore, WeChat marketing still to mention, but also to continue to focus on. Share my views.

can be said that WeChat marketing is a hot topic, and when bundled with the circle of friends WeChat and marketing together, will bring a new model of marketing. The customer is no longer the stranger can communicate at any time, buddy, it also brings the interactive link fixed and fixed flow of network marketing, which is very important for network vendors, it’s like a website used by the comment plugin, again more than quantum statistics of customer interaction on the site, we it was easy to see, customers naturally more patronage, this also means that WeChat for this innovative media businesses are worthy of long-term investment, long-term construction, and for the investment of resources in the longer, more benefits will be not to get.

Of course, WeChat

for long-term investment only need to identify the direction, targeted marketing, from the long-term effect on it is very impressive, but a revelation of the next is ignored.

positioning clear, improve profitability. This is a causal sentence, for WeChat marketing, clear positioning, the result will be more profitable, because WeChat’s positioning and the circle of friends is immeasurable, so for this effect, marketers can use, concern for a part of many friends, for their own marketing needs some attention to their marketing objectives more clear positioning, but the positioning includes not only the audience, including marketing and marketing planning, so as to better use of WeChat marketing, and brand community also let WeChat marketing clear clear positioning this golden rule, will be more information push, fan interaction, customer service, online transactions a transaction process to play to the extreme, and full interaction is to let WeChat marketing unpopular Up. By this point the enlightenment we know, clear positioning will make WeChat’s marketing more colleges and universities, so that marketers should be more accurate for their own customer base positioning, in general, this positioning is one of the specific marketing, a university marketing.

in addition to WeChat marketing, the customer base is a very important group, so for the old user to have a modest transition and import, fully let him enjoy >

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