Zhao Lei will become a fire a dead phenomenon of the product

seems overnight, full screen are Zhao Lei powder". My circle of friends, three days time and Zhao Lei related content reached 100, many of them, "Chengdu", "young Jin", "painting", "Jim restaurant" and many other songs of the classic song.

and major news media, also have appeared in Zhao Lei’s "success" works, such as "the ballad of the Guo Jingming", "Zhao Lei did not fire, Providence will not forgive", "Zhao Lei, you finally fire" and so on, one is to narrow the distance between Zhao Lei, the two is to find the success of the template, and in order to explain their point of view is right, three is that he is "love ballad", and finally the future that ballad.

Zhao Lei, with the original Flappy Bird, surrounded by nervous cat, crazy guess map, find your sister, how-old, magic man cameras, Baidu magic figure, crazy guess figure, adorable face, foot, small coffee show "fire died" products of middle section are quite similar to the night red burst. Before Zhao Lei, although little known, but always in a "sealed wine" stage, "I am a singer" but this altar "by dusty wine" opened in front of the crowd and song overflowing, although no The tune lingered in the room. three days without a break, "feeling, but also became a literary youth their ears" wine".

1 from the data, the

Leihuo Zhao?

WeChat circle of friends vision, not the world (the author of the WeChat public number: Claire’s Internet circle), in order to pursue the accuracy of a larger dimension, it should tear the information cocoon room outside the shackles. Zhao Lei is the fire, but the evidence? We might as well look at some data.

(1) all kinds of index surge. As an insight into the users interests and needs tools, Baidu index reflects the netizens for "love Zhao Lei", according to Baidu index shows that the surge occurs before the state Zhao Lei Baidu index.

2015 Zhao Lei average daily Baidu search index for 2477 times;

2016 Zhao Lei average daily Baidu search index for 3114 times;

February 4, 2017, "Zhao Lei" average daily Baidu search index for 95674 times;

February 5, 2017, Zhao Lei average daily Baidu search index for 361763 times.

from the Baidu index, Zhao Lei February 5, 2017 average daily search index is 116 times the whole year in 2016, is the full year in 2015 of 146 times. In Baidu’s list of today’s male singers, Zhao Lei ranked third, second only to Jing Bairan and to the top of the list of the world’s top male singers in the. Also attached to the folk singer status of Li Jian, the peak of its Baidu search index for 397370 times, and the recent search peak of Zhao Lei, and the peak of the search is very close to the.

Sina micro index shows that Zhao Lei’s hot index peak in February 5, 2017, >

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